We run a variety of creative based programming, from workshops to virtual hangout sessions. Check back as new events are added regularly.


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Our Goals

We are all about celebrating and promoting queer creativity in all of its forms. All of our work within our community is led by our 3 goals.

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Amplify diverse narratives and creators in the art community

Our focus is on challenging the existing norms within the art community to bring forward and elevate the voices and narratives that have been traditionally underrepresented. Priority is given to the experiences and artistic expressions of marginalized members within the queer community. We provide performance and exhibition opportunities, regularly run articles highlighting local talent, and advocate for greater diversity in the creative community.

Create spaces to foster connections and creativity

We recognize that community is a central aspect of creativity and vice versa. We call this building community through creativity and it’s what we’re all about. We host a variety of arts programming like workshops, drop-ins, and virtual sessions. These events are almost always closed spaces for Queer and gender diverse creators.

Support access to creativity

We are committed to addressing and overcoming the systemic and financial barriers that restrict access to the arts. Our approach includes providing support, resources, and guidance to ensure equitable access to artistic expression for all, particularly those who face the greatest obstacles in the current system. Currently, we run giveaways for supplies and are planning a grant program for creators.

Leadership Team

A black trans women smiling. She has long black braids and black glasses.
Blue Petties
Vern Martin-Ivie
Leadership team
Nashita Ahmed
Leadership team

Creator Spotlight Series

We are running an interview series with Queer and gender diverse creators in Ottawa. Check out the mini-site.
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From our program attendees

"QCC was the first I was around so many other trans artists. It was an awesome experience because I got to connect with community in way I've never been able to before."


"The most important thing from QCC I got was confidence in myself. It's really nice to have a support network of Queer and trans creators."


We are committed to prioritizing the access, comfort, and success of those who are the most marginalized within the queer community. Queer Liberation begins with Disability Justice.